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With over 800 products spread across 4 ranges, AdvaCare brands have a global reputation for quality.

From Asia to Africa, the Middle East to South America, North America to Australia – EDPHARMA  brands have a strong and growing presence.

Our pharmaceutical, supplement, veterinary and medical device and consumer products are distributed in more than 65 countries in the hospital, clinic, pharmacy, and retail sectors.

We, at EDPHARMA , pride ourselves not only on the quality of our products, but also the affordability for the consumers and patients who need our products the most.

Our brands represent the changing reality of consumer expectations in both developed and developing markets – mature markets require a quality product at a lower price point, while rising markets require an affordable product with increasing standards of quality and variety. EDPHARMA  growth is attributed to our understanding of the markets we enter.

AdvaCare’s relentless focus on quality, lean production methods, and worldwide reputation has made our brands uniquely positioned in the global marketplace.

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